Walk in the Harbor

Strolling through the Port of Punta del Este is a wonderful experience almost mandatory for the tourist who wants to know this city.

Originally called Puerto Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, it is the most outstanding and important marina in the region.

Tourism and sports boats arrive on it as well as small fishing vessels that provide goods to the fishmongers that are located there.

In this corner of the world there is still artisanal fishing and you can buy new arrival fresh fish typical of the area such as the broth, corvina and pejerrey. Fishermen fillet the fish in front of the tourist and attract the presence of sea lions, who climb the pier and enjoy fresh fish, offering a unique spectacle, worth witnessing by children and adults. You can take a close photo of the sea wolves… but don’t get too close if you don’t want to get a scare 🙂

Excursions to the famous Gorriti Island and Isla de Lobos, two other mandatory walks of this spa, also depart from the port.

In addition, it has a rambla (as they call the promenade) that allows long and pleasant walks or bike tours.

There is a varied gastronomic offer in the area ranging from relatively inexpensive places to buy seafood and fish and eat looking at the sea, to more luxurious restaurants that also offer a unique view and perfect sunsets. They all run all day and night, turning some into nightclubs where you can have a drink and even dance at the end of the morning.

The port is in what is called the meek beach area. When conditions permit, you can dive in the area, especially on the beach called Las Mesitas considered one of the best diving spots along with Las Grutas in Punta Ballena.


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