Summer arrives in Uruguay and Soho Punta del Este welcomes you by opening its doors in front of the Port, the most strategic and busy point.

Located as a reference in this city increasingly fulfilling the needs of a demanding, cosmopolitan and high socio-economic power that enjoys a place with our characteristics.
Soho’s philosophy is to provide an international service, betting on the quality and total excellence of the services, according to the spirit and category of Punta del Este.


Throughout the year, renowned chefs carry out with dedication and care our gastronomic proposal. The classic dishes of the region are added to the special suggestions that will be prepared every week, using the best ingredients to meet the demand of the demanding diners.


We have creative, updated and qualified bartenders that offer the best drinks in Punta del Este. They produce the best quality cocktails, with the most careful blends, the most exclusive details and the most diverse drinks to satisfy all our customers.


We stand out for having two dance floors. The classic and colorful one for those who enjoy dancing the summer hits; and the little terrace, for electronics lovers. The right mix to offer everything our peninsula audience is looking for.

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Rambla Artigas, Puerto Punta del Este

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