sea wolves Island

Lobos Island represents the largest colony of sea lions in South America and the third largest reserve worldwide. It is located 8.5 km from the coast or 45 minutes of navigation on an area of 41 hectares that alternates areas of vegetation and sand with rocky areas.

It is said that today the island has approximately 200,000 wolves, which differ in two species of wolves: The wolf of a hair or “wig” and the two-haired, which has a more refined snout.

There are also smaller sea elephants. These larger ones can weigh between 2 and 3 tons and measure more than 6 meters. You can also find different species of seabirds.

The vegetation is wild, not very abundant, and ferns, transparent, canes and cacti proliferate within other plant species.

Many scientists around the world visit the island annually to study the different species that live there, behind the poaching periods and the work by the lobe companies that resided in the area.

It was discovered by Juan Díaz de Solís in 1516. The island was originally called the Island of San Sebastian of Cadiz and received many sailing travelers in the sixteenth century, such as Magellan, Gaboto, Moreau and Drake, among others. In 1972 the exploitation of wolves by the hand of the Royal Maritime Company began, then concessions to private companies that end in 1949, when the hunting of wolves of this island is prohibited.

The island forms a reserve that integrates the “National Park of Coastal Islands” which is administered by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries.

There are operators who make excursions to the island from the port.

In high season there are daily tours to the island that depart at 12:00 hrs and last approximately 2 hrs. You sail the island for approximately 40 minutes. It is not allowed to descend on the island but it is allowed to stop about 15 minutes to observe up close and take a swim in that area.

It is about generating respectful tourism that does not adversely affect the ecosystem.

The walk to the island represents an ideal option to make as a family and get to know a little more about the history and beauty of the beach resort



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