The Ralli Punta del Este Museum is located in the center of the residential Neighborhood of Beverly Hills, surrounded by a beautiful park of your property where architecture and nature merge into a unique environment. Alternate spacious exhibition rooms with interior patios of great beauty where sculptures in bronze and marble rest, creating a magical environment that enchants its visitors.

Ralli Foundation is a private non-profit entity, with the main purpose of promoting knowledge of the work of contemporary Latin American artists, outside its national border, founded by Mr. Harry Recanati, a retired banker and collector, with his wife Dr. Martine Recanati.

After selling his banks in the 1980s, he decided to devote himself to a major cultural work, thus creating five museums in several countries of the world, using his extensive heritage for this purpose. The Ralli Museums are strategically positioned housing one of the most important collections of Latin American works in the world. It does not accept donations or subsidies from third parties, a fundamental principle that joins that it has no commercial activity, which explains the absence of bookshops, bars and restaurants. However, visitors can use their cameras freely. The total built area of the Ralli Museums reaches 24,000 m2, while the exhibition hall area exceeds 12,000 m2.

The first Ralli Museum was founded in Punta del Este (Uruguay) in 1988. A second museum has been operating in Santiago (Chile) since 1992, a third in Caesarea (Israel) since 1993, a fourth was established in Marbella (Spain) in 2000. In addition, a fifth museum of classical art (Sixteenth to 18th centuries) was opened to the public in Caesarea, Israel in 2007, which is known as “Ralli Museum 2”.

The Ralli Organization was the first in the world to create museums in several countries, a policy followed by important international museums.

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