Punta Ballena, one of the most beautiful destinations on the coast, is a peninsula with the particular geographical feature that give it its cliffs and Mediterranean air terraces.

Punta Ballena is located at the height of Kilometer 126 of the interbalnearia route, between Solanas and Las Grutas. Its name refers to the shape of the peninsula that presents a shape similar to the back of a whale.

Punta Ballena is the central area that links the resorts Sauce of Portezuelo, Ocean Park, Chihuahua, Solanas Portezuelo and Uncle Tom.

Visitors to Punta Ballena usually choose this destination for its quieter and more natural environment to which Punta del Este presents. Those who prefer more shopping options or are nightlife lovers, can visit Punta del Este which is only a 10-minute drive away.

The beaches are characterized by their calm waters, product of the geography in the form of a peninsula. Solanas beach is one of the busiest in season. There is also La Rinconada, a beach enabled to embark on yachts and other motor boats. Then follow Chihuahua, famous for being the nudist beach par excellence, and Sauce de Portezuelo, the furthest and quietest beach.

There are several activities to do in this distinguished beach resort. The most popular is undoubtedly to enjoy the best sunset, both from the Mirador Juan Díaz de Solís and from the mythical Casapueblo you can enjoy a all time classic.

In pre-season and high season beach activities are present. From jet ski rentals, yacht rides or fishing somewhere to beach football or beach volleyball, among others.

Golf lovers have the option to practice in the outstanding Club del Lago, located at Kilometer 116 of the Interbalnearia Route.

For the more adventurous, Punta Ballena offers horseback riding, paragliding, cycling, or jumping into the sea from small cliffs.

Punta Ballena offers cultural walks like visiting the famous Casapueblo and its museum-workshop and the Museum Park Arboretum Lussich, a park of 200 hectares, ideal to get lost and relax among the hundreds of native and native species that there Live.

The visit to Las Cumbres with its incomparable view of the hills and lagoons from above or to the much loved stay of Lapataia with its family environment are also a must of every visitor who wants to enjoy at the heart of this beach resort-

The options for the evening are not so numerous but you can still find pubs and occasional parties that have nothing to envy to those of its neighbor Punta del Este.

You can find gastronomic destinations for all tastes and a complete proposal of services, which are mostly on the Interbalnearia Route.

Accommodation offers are also varied and for all budgets. From glamorous hotels on the beach to campsites near the beach.


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