The most delicious and traditional pizzas and fainá, variety of salads, breads, pastas and a must-have table to enjoy with friends.

Atrevida Pizzeria features:

Neapolitan Oven

Our oven was brought exclusively from Naples, southern Italy and built by the fourth generation of a family of artisans based in Naples and dedicated to this art since 1890.

Each oven they build is a unique piece made entirely by hand. Its characteristic flat vault design allows it to work at a temperature highly higher than the traditional oven. Due to the impact of caloric energy generated by its 450 degrees, the cooking of the pizza is only 90 seconds.

Thanks to this exclusive Neapolitan piece, Atrevida can create the famous and rhythmic Neapolitan Pizza!

The House

Because of the Spirit of preserving the History and Essence of the House is that we promote the Nobility of its materials.

Noble materials derived from iron, brick, wood where the openings were designed by a craftsman in blacksmithing. We symbolize its pseudo-industrial environment respecting the height of its walls reaching the ceiling and its skylight that thanks to it in the evenings we are accompanied by the stars.

We love its essence, that is; its nobility and simplicity


True to maintaining the essence of Punta del Este we are proud to highlight and keep in mind the prestigious and beloved Carlos Paez Vilaró.

On the facade of the House was a mural of the Artist in precarious conditions that we could not rescue. We wanted to maintain the presence and spirit that Paéz Vilaró transmits to us and this is how on the wall rests this Sun of Aries, original and authenticated to accompany us and inspire us!

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