At the beginning 2019 the NEW JAGUEL PARK was inaugurated and it has been a success!

The traditional wooden games were rebuilt and the others imported. The property is sectored by ages so that each group of children have games according to their age. There’s even a REAL helicopter that the National Navy donated to be used by children.

The inner streets now look paved and the new bathrooms are connected to the sanitation network.
It also has two large parking lots, a food space and games for children with audiovisual disabilities. One of the most visited games in the park are the three giant slides! Even some adventurous father were encouraged to try them on the excuse of accompanying the little ones.
It should be said that Jaguel Park after its restoration is at the level of the best public parks in the world. Jaguel Park thus becomes one of the favorite places in Punta Del Este for the recreation of families.

Use of all entertainment facilities is free of charge.


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Av. Aparicio Saravia, 20000 Maldonado, Departamento de Maldonado


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