With the glamour of the peninsula but the simplicity and hippie-cool vibe of Uruguay’s beach resorts, La Barra de Maldonado presents itself as a small fishing village becoming one of the favorite destinations by tourists of all nationalities, just 20kms from punta del este.

The calm seascape represents a break from all the buildings of Punta del Este, colorful houses overlooking the sea, art galleries and shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes with options for all tastes. This place emanates art and glam everywhere you look at it.

La Barra has a main street that connects the spa and where most of the commercial and recreational activity is located for visitors. Several venues adorn the promenade that is usually done on foot. Shops stand out.  Oh! La Barra, is an open-air shopping tour that has over 35 places of clothing and gastronomy. It includes proposals for the kids and services such as bank, ATMs and so on.

For the nights in high season La Barra comes to life offering a very active and varied proposal of places to eat, dance and enjoy good company. It is the favorite place for young people for encounter and fun. The pubs and bowling alleys on the main street of La Barra are the places par excellence to make the preview, have a few drinks with good background music.

The beaches of La Barra attract a large audience of all ages, being also a reference destination of an exclusive public that places the beach resort  on the international map. Celebrities can often be seen being photographed by paparazzi.

La Barra Bridge is one of the iconic attractions you can’t miss. Kids love to get in the car over and over again.

To the east of the creek is “the center” of the spa. To the north of the bridge is El Tesoro, a neighborhood where many of the area’s locals annually reside. To the east are the beach areas of Montoya, Manantiales and then followed by El Chorro, Punta Piedra and finally the Balenario Buenos Aires


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