Fundación Atchugarry

The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation is a beautiful walk to enjoy with family or friends. The sculptures are unique and live up to the best European parks.

The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation is a non-profit institution by the sculptor Pablo Atchugarry, inaugurated in 2007.

It was created in the spirit of promoting the plastic arts, literature, music, dance and other creative manifestations of man. This social and cultural project is built in a constant and dynamic way, consolidating itself through the work and experience of its founder.

The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation seeks to be an ideal union space between nature and art, where the song of the birds accompanies the viewer between lakes and a rolling landscape in which sculptures and other artistic manifestations germinate.

In the summer, in the evening we continue to be accompanied by other songs and other instruments, violins, guitars, pianos and vocals, from lyrics to popular singing, converge in the festival of “Music between nature and art”. In autumn, winter and spring, children, young people and young people of spirit visit the Foundation, from schools, high schools and senior universities across the country.

Its projection, as a meeting center of all art disciplines, allows both teachers of recognized trajectory and young people who begin their careers in art, to exhibit their works.

The building structure consists of the sculptor’s workshop, a building with three exhibition halls, an auditorium (for concerts, screenings and conferences), an outdoor stage for the performance, a restaurant, a lounge teaching classes, painting, drawing and ceramics are organized; and a last space that houses the permanent collection and the work of the founder.

All organized events are free entry.

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