Punta del Este Lighthouse

At the tip of the Peninsula is this construction considered a national historical heritage, the oldest in the city, dating from 1858. Originally built on the Isla de Lobos, the lighthouse was moved to the Peninsula in 1860 and owes its perfect conservation to the material with which it was built, a mixture of land of volcanic origin brought from Italy.

El Faro is located in Plaza del Faro, also located there the Church of the Candelaria and the weather station.

The lighting system was brought from France, which is electric and in case of emergency it runs on acetylene gas.  The luminous intensity is 43,000 candles. It has a height of 45 meters and a geographical range of 18 miles.

Although it continues to this day emitting 2 flashes every 8 seconds, entry is not allowed except for Heritage Day, where hundreds of tourists and neighbors take the opportunity to climb the 150 steps (the lighthouse is 45 meters high) for enjoy a unique view in which you can see Punta de la Salina and its surroundings.

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Calle 2 de Febrero y Calle 5 (Península)

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