Cycling in Punta del Este

Whether during high or low season, for recreational purposes or for exercise;  choosing to cycle in Punta del Este is always a good option that adds more and more followers.

In addition, many of the beach resort main attractions can be easily cycled. If you are going to move by bike you need to make sure that it is in optimal condition to travel, you must also have front and rear light; it is essential to wear a helmet, as well as reflective vest and clear clothing to make it easier for others to identify you in transit. To avoid accidents, it is not recommended to drive around the street at night, in which case care should be extreme. Remember to keep your right and always pay attention! If you don’t feel comfortable driving through traffic, and prefer a quieter ride, don’t worry! The city has cycle paths on some of the main arteries, by the rambla in the area of Mansa Beach and Playa Brava, as well as by Bv. Artigas and Av. Roosevelt; it is also comfortable to drive along the rambla (in the areas where there is sidewalk). While not all roads are connected to each other, they allow you to travel the characteristic points of Punta del Este with ease and safety.

For those who do not have their own bicycle during their visit, the offer varies according to needs and requirements. There are bike rental shops, from basic ones with or without changes, to bicycles for more than one person, to electric bikes with which you can ride longer with less effort. These shops usually give you everything you need for circulation, such as padlock and helmet; packages include short periods of time that can usually be renewed, or promotions to watch out for.

It is always advisable to visit the rental shops: they are a good opportunity to try something new. If you already have a bike, you can stop by an accessories store to buy what you need. To get to know the city there are guided tours (in Spanish or English), they offer bicycles with changes, helmets, hydration and medical coverage. There are also options for the more experienced. There are groups of cyclists who organize trips on urban, mountain or mixed routes with different levels of difficulty, varying both the route and the duration of the departure.

Undoubtedly this ecological means of transport is shown as a great idea to get to know the city first hand, with tranquility and agility.


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