La Barra brewery by Sebastián Artola and Celement Bondeux which are inspired by the world of haute cuisine, experimenting with beer additions such as cardamom, honey or carrot.
Within the variety of beers you can find these delights:

Boar Cardamom: A soft and light beer, creamy body and cloudy typical of wheat beers. Refreshing and spicy touch due to the incorporation of lemon peel and cardamom seeds.
Ideal for pairing with light meats, legumes, fish or seafood. It is recommended to serve with a slice of lemon thus enhancing the flavors and aromas of lemon peel and cardamom.

Boar Carrot: A Belgian-style amber beer, with notes of honey and carrot in aroma, earthy flavor spiced with moderate bitterness. Persistent and smooth finish.

Boar Choco Porter: Black beer with creamy toasted foam. Slight aroma of toasted grain and chocolate malts. Low bitterness and sweet taste with a chocolate finish. Full body creamy and easy to drink.

Boar Mandarin: An American-style blonde beer, refreshing moderate in character, with citrus aromas, especially Mandarin and good hop precence in both aroma and bitterness.

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La Barra, Maldonado


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