Touristic information

Punta del Este is the most famous resort in Uruguay and probably the entire southern cone. It offers its visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of its white sand oceanic beaches, sports and outdoor walks, parties and nightlife, the latest trends in fashion and design and also a sophisticated gastronomy.

Surf lovers shine by surfing waves at Playa Brava while those seeking tranquility choose Mansa Beach to sunbathe and take a swim without waves and in a calmer sea.

Just 20kms from Punta del Este is a small town with bohemian air, cataloged as hippie-chic and that breathes art through the galleries on its main street.

When the sun sets the night of Punta del Este offers varied and incredible opportunities in discos, casinos, pubs, and concerts

How to get there
Punta del Este is located in the South East of the department of Maldonado, Uruguay. By land, you can arrive by car by taking the Interbalnearia route and turning right at Km 113. If you come from Argentina you cross the Gualeguaychú-Fray Bentos bridge and take route 2 to the junction with route 1 towards Montevideo, Then you must take the direct tour to the city of Punta del Este.

By plane, you can reach Carrasco Airport just 20 km from Montevideo or there are also direct flights from Buenos Aires to Laguna del Sauce International Airport just 20 km from Punta del Este.

By boat there are river transport companies that make the route Buenos Aires-Colonia or Buenos Aires-Montevideo and then connect with Punta del Este by bus.

Although there is a predominance of Argentine and Brazilian tourists, travelers come to visit this beautiful city from all over the world.

When to come
Being a beach city has a very defined high season that is during the summer. It begins in mid-December and ends in Tourism Week in the month of March. The weather is still warm in April and begins to change during the month of May. During the winter Punta Del Este rests a little, although it receives those who want tranquility and rest without noise or bustle. From September the spring begins and the city dresses with flowers and birds.

In Punta del Este, summer is all joy, debauchery and movement, and in winter it is the perfect place to rest surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.
From December 20 to January 15 is the period in which the city is at its peak, as well as the Carnival week where tourists of Brazilian origin flood the streets with their unbridled joy.

Grilled roast and the highest level wines are an unmissable combination in Uruguay. The Italian influence in the great variety of pastas and the Spanish one in the Mediterranean kitchen are glimpsed. Its proximity to the sea provides many elaborated based on fish and shellfish. You can find both international cuisine and local products of high quality. Among other classic foods, cheeses, dulce de leche, alfajores, fried cakes, empanadas and without doubt the delicious goat stand out. Just don’t forget to try the mate!

The offer of accommodation is very wide there are countless hotels from 5 stars to boutique hotels. Also inns, houses and apartments for rent make up a diversity that satisfies even the most demanding visitors. While the largest influx of travelers occurs in summer, many of these proposals are also available throughout the year.


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